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4K Videos - Background Effects

Many vloggers, bloggers, content creators and video marketers use background videos to enhance their content’s interest and visual appeal.

Our Pros

More engaging – background videos and effects keep users engaged. They can be used to visually entice users to explore a video, website or content piece further.

Holds user attention — websites don’t always load instantaneously (no matter how well programmed they are) and users can get frustrated, which leads to them exiting the webpage. Visual effects and videos can hold a user’s attention during the loading period and ensure they stay on the webpage.

Best quality – poor quality visuals can make your production or webpage look unprofessional and untrustworthy. Since our visuals are shot by professional photographers and videographers who use the highest quality equipment, our HD 4K content is top notch.

Two Major Points to Consider When Using 4K Videos for Background Effects

  1. Video length should be 15 to 20 seconds at most. Studies show that users begin to lose interest after this point.
  2. Avoid using videos that the average user will find confusing or complicated to understand.

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