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What is StockVideos.org?
StockVideos.org is a periodically updated website that provides cinematographers and designers with access to thousands of high-quality, royalty-free video footage for their creative projects.
What is royalty-free video footage?
A royalty-free video clip is a licensed asset that can be used for any media purpose without territorial limitations or termination dates.
Do I have access to all the footage in the StockVideos’ catalog?
Yes. Your subscription to the Unlimited Plan provides you with access to all video clips on the site.
Who is the footage owner?
All video clips published on the website are owned by StockVideos.org and protected by copyright, as well as the intellectual property rights of the contributing cinematographers.
Is new footage added to StockVideos? How often?
Yes. New footage is added on a daily or weekly basis.
Is there an age restriction for users of the site?
Yes. StockVideos.org provides services for users over 18 years old.
What file types are available?
4K and HD StockVideos’ footage is available in several formats, mainly in .mp4 and .mov
Can I try a footage before buying it?
You can try out StockVideos’ footage by downloading the 360p or 720p, watermarked version. Payment is not required, if you don’t need to obtain a license for it.
Do I need to create an account to make a purchase?
How can I download StockVideos’ footage?
You can download StockVideos’ footage by selecting the desired ‘Category’, ‘Resolution’, ‘Type’, ‘Duration’, ‘People’ (with or without) and clicking the ‘Filter’ button, then choosing the desired footage. You can download the low-resolution footage with the watermark on it by clicking the ‘Download’ button on the footage window. If you have a subscription, you can double click on the footage window and download the full resolution footage.

Please, note:

After you’ve downloaded 50 clips in a short period of time, StockVideos.org will send you a message asking you to confirm that you are not a robot. After you’ve downloaded 100 clips, we will ask you to be considerate to other site users and come back on the next day, if you wish to download more.

If you're having problem while downloading your video, please, contact us.
Is the StockVideos’ footage royalty-free?
Yes. The footage is royalty-free for StockVideos’ subscribers and their clients.
Where can I use the footage I downloaded from StockVideos.org?
There is no restriction on the usage of the footage, provided that it is part of your video production and complies with the definition of ‘fair use’.
What is ‘fair use’?
There are no strict standards for fair use, however, in case of a dispute, every situation will be judged by the relevant authority on the merits of the particular use.  

The main question is where and how you use our footage. StockVideos.org doesn’t approve if our footage is used in any media advocating violence, racism or hatred towards any group, as well as pornography or obscenity.

We do not consent to the use of our footage in media encouraging any kind of discrimination, invasion of privacy, harm, defamation, threat or any other illegal content.
Can I download watermarked footage before I decide to subscribe?
Yes. You can open a free account and download a low resolution watermarked versions of any footage.
How can I use my free account footage?
The low resolution footage is intended for use in your editing process until you decide to subscribe to StockVideos.org for a suitable plan and download the full size footage.
What is the cost of subscription?
StockVideos.org has two types of annual plans:
  • The Basic Plan which allows 5 downloads per month of 2K/HD footage with an annual billing of $29.
  • The Unlimited Plan allows unlimited downloads of all available footage with an annual billing of $49.
What are the payment options?
You can pay for subscription with a MasterCard or Visa credit card. It is a secure service and you will have instant access to the entire catalogue, as per your subscription plan.
Do I renew my subscription or it is renewed automatically?
Your subscription will be renewed automatically, unless you choose to cancel it before the renewal date.
Are there any additional fees to pay apart from subscription?
No. There are no other fees, unless you would like to upgrade your plan (i.e. from Basic Plan to Unlimited Plan).
How can I cancel my subscription?
Please, contact us at any time before your subscription expires.

We have a 14 day cooling off period on both subscription plans. Should you wish to cancel your subscription during this period, we will give you a full refund, provided that you have not downloaded any footage.
What does StockVideos’ license include?
With a valid subscription your license allows for the use of downloaded footage in any media project on any platform worldwide.
Are there any additional fees for the use of StockVideos’ footage in advertising?
No. The subscription extends to commercial use.
Can I transfer my license?
No. The license cannot be transferred, but it does cover clients who hired our subscribers for media content production.
What is the validity period of my license? Will my license end when my subscription expires?
A footage downloaded during a subscription period is licensed to use forever. No additional fees will be charged after your subscription expires.
Does my license cover my client?
Yes, your license does cover clients who hire you for content production. Personal and commercial use is covered.
Does my license cover my employees?
No. However, we will provide you with a 50% discount for every additional employee in your company. Please, contact us to apply for the discount.
Is there an extra fee for use of the footage in advertising?
No. Commercial use is covered by your license.
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