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Why You Should Use Stock Footage

Stock footage is professionally made content that can be used multiple times, in various video productions and can be featured in areas such as social media, digital video marketing, interviews, etc.

With our variety of 4K and 2K stock videos, you are sure to find content that suits your production. We have videos that relate to business, lifestyle, cooking and more. In addition, our royalty-free content means that you don’t have to pay everytime you use a video - videos can be used over and over again when your licence is purchased!


  1. High Quality
  2. Our videos are shot by professional videographers with equipment of the highest quality, meaning they are of peak resolution.

  3. Saves Shooting Time
  4. Our stock videos are available to you instantly, so they save you time and resources. You no longer need to waste precious time getting the right shot for your project.

  5. Saves Money
  6. Most of the time, shooting content is extremely expensive. Hiring a professional videographer, arranging a suitable location, finding the right people to partake in the video, hiring editors and the like is not always financially viable. Our stock videos are priced suitably and are royalty free to give you the most creative freedom to complete your project.

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